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The Tolima Region

La Tierra Firme de Colombia

Tolima is one of the thirty-two departments, plus the Capital District,  that composes the Republic of Colombia. Its capital is Ibagué. Tolima is located in the country's center-west, in the Andean region, bordering Caldas to the north, Cundinamarca to the east, Huila to the south, and Valle del Cauca, Quindío and Risaralda to the west. The Magdalena River crosses Tolima from the south-north.


Our Story

We have selected 10 companies, from the Department of Tolima, to be ambassadors of the 47 municipalities, to represent the 23,582 km2 of territory.  With a diversity of thermal floors and a variety of agro-industrial products and experiences, as well as numerous hamlets and populated sites, from the upper part of the Central and Eastern mountain range, passing through the foothills reaching the valley of the Magdalena River.


Its economy is developed in agriculture and agribusiness, being leaders in products such as; special coffee, cocoa, rice with denomination of origin, avocado, corn and fresh fruit trees; also, the transformation of products such as snacks, chocolate bars, pulps, among others.


Our culture, a tradition that is adapting day by day to market conditions, allows us to offer a wide variety of handcrafted products such as hats, kettles and fans, to fabrics in pindo or royal palm, black clay tableware from La Chamba, baskets in fique and musical instruments.


Touring Tolima takes its visitors through a variety of tourist attractions in contact with nature, living a unique experience inviting them to recreate the pijao experience.

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