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Juan Café (the association) wants to highlight the Name of Cacique Ambeima through its special product, as a remembrance of our ancestors, linked to the gallantry, and dedication of our coffee associates, making our inhabitants know a name with connection with the Pijao race.

Juan Café has a coffee roasting plant and a physical and sensory analysis laboratory; which were financed by the Rural Opportunities program of the Ministry of Agriculture. 

In addition, the institutional support received by SENA, Social Foundation, DPS, Ibagué Chamber of Commerce, University of Tolima, Cooperative University, University of Ibagué, Mayor's Office of Ibagué, Government of Tolima, Procolombia, and the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Tolima; through institutional agreements aimed at training, participation in regional fairs and events.

The product


Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, Típica, Bourbón, Tabi, Gesha, Wush-Wush, Java,


  • Most of the associates' farms are certified under the RAIN FOREST, PRACTICES seal; Currently, Juan Café, in agreement with COFCO, as a commercial ally, has been developing the certification for those farms that are not yet certified.

  • Certification for Organic Coffee.

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