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Botas Agro Industrial is a family business created by Mr. Gabriel Pérez Fuentes 35 years ago in the musical city of Colombia, Ibagué, dedicated mainly to the production of footwear.

This company produces vulcanized and injected footwear to satisfy the needs of clients belonging to the Agro-Industrial sector, providing excellence in safe footwear, comfortable and with high-quality standards. Additionally, the organization has a working group of more than 80 people and a sales margin of more than 50,000 units per month, and an exclusive clientele. This sales performance requires an installed capacity in an increasingly demanding and competitive industry.

The product


Footwear that protects the user from injuries caused by electric current. Meets ASTM F2412 and 2413/11. Maximum 1.0 mA leakage current. After 1 minute at 18kV



Footwear that protects the user from injuries to the tip of the foot. Complies with standard EN 12568. Minimum residual height of 20mm after impact 200 J and compression of 15 kN. By having a non-metallic toe, the footwear is lighter and dielectric.


Footwear with a sole formulated to be resistant to certain chemical substances and guarantees NO deformation of the sole.


Due to its materials and production processes, this footwear has a lower weight, providing the user with a feeling of comfort.



Kevlar midsole that protects the user from punches that come from sharp material found on the floor. It complies with the DIN EN 12568 standards 6.2.1 and 7.2.1. 1100 N resistance without penetrating material.

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