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Café de Los Arrieros was born more than 20 years ago with the interest of Nicolás Trujillo, its founder, in going a little beyond the conventional lines of coffee, revealing unique varieties to create an innovative coffee culture that seeks to satisfy demanding palates.

From the Central Cordillera of Colombia, with thermal floors ranging between 1400 and 2100 meters above sea level, the exotic and volcanic lands of the Tolima Department emerge and create a micro-climate that produces those unique coffees varieties that have conquered all over the world.

Taking advantage of the benefits of this privileged area that offers the perfect characteristics, combined with the ancestral experience of our coffee growers, Café de Los Arrieros creates a range of differentiated coffees exalted by particular maturation and fermentation processes that enhance the attributes of the bean.

The product


Whole bean and ground beans in bags of 17.6 oz.


  • Café de Colombia 

The Colombian Coffee Logo communicates to consumers powerful functional and emotional attributes. This logo's main function is to represent the constant effort and work of more than 563.000 Colombian Coffee growers committed to high-quality coffee production.

  • Protected Geographical Indication

Colombian coffee is a Protected Designation of Origin product. This certification is obtained by demonstrating that the coffee has strict quality control structures to guarantee that the product sold to consumers is always the same. This quality is associated with the environmental and human characteristics present in the land of coffee production.

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