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Haciendo café

Harvest Season Coffee receives all its coffee from small, sustainable, and independent coffee producers in Colombia, all of which are located in one of the richest and most diverse regions on earth, the Colombian Andes.

This coffee is handpicked when the cherries are at the peak of ripeness to ensure the sweetest and most aromatic of flavors. This whole process provides the best single-origin coffee variety that is of the highest quality

The product


Whole bean in bags of 17.6 oz. and 35.2 oz. 


  • Café de Colombia 

The Colombian Coffee Logo communicates to consumers powerful functional and emotional attributes. This logo's main function is to represent the constant effort and work of more than 563.000 Colombian Coffee growers committed to high-quality coffee production.

  • Protected Geographical Indication

Colombian coffee is a Protected Designation of Origin product. This certification is obtained by demonstrating that the coffee has strict quality control structures to guarantee that the product sold to consumers is always the same. This quality is associated with the environmental and human characteristics present in the land of coffee production.

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Whole Bean Bag - 500g

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Whole Bean Bag - 1000g

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